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Apple Pie Blend

doTERRA in the Diffuser…

· Essential Oils

My Kids after school: "Are You BAKING!?" Me: "No, Sorry!!"

Anyone who comes to my door: “It Smells Amazing in here!!” Me: "Thanks!!"

All of my visitors: “Your house always smells so good!” Me: "It's my Apple Pie blend!"

OK. It may be mean, but my poor kids get home from school & think I’m baking. They look so disappointed when they find out it’s just one of my favorite Diffuser Blends. Do I feel badly? Yes. Badly enough to make some muffins here & there, but never badly enough to bake an Apple Pie.

So, what’s in this blend?

2 Drops of Citrus Bliss

1 Drop of Lime

1 Drop of Cassia

How easy is that!?

Your house will smell SO good, and who can be in a bad mood when fresh Apple Pie is in the air!?

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