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When You Care More About The Food Than The Game!

· Essential Oils

Can you Believe it’s Super Bowl Sunday!? Am I the only one who is all about the food?? I have to admit that with 3 kiddos, I never get to sit and watch much of the game, but I still love to cook for it!! Chili {with Cumin Essential Oil}, Chips & Salsa {with Lime Essential Oil}, White Bean Dip {with Rosemary Essential Oil}, Chocolate Covered Pretzels {with Wild Orange Essential Oil, Check out our How-To Video Here}, Brownies {with Peppermint Essential Oil}, & the list goes on & on.

If all that tailgating food makes your Tummy unhappy, just grab the Digestzen! A few circles around your belly & you’ll be ready for the second half!!

~Heidi is a mom, a lawyer, a doTERRA lover, and now, a blogger. She started Essential Oil Boost to help her friends & family learn more about using their essential oils. Interested in the best prices on Heidi’s favorite oils?? Take a look at our Starter Kits! ~

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