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If You Give a Kid an Oil...

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If You Give a Kid an Oil, he will ask you what it is. You will tell him it is an awesome blend called Serenity, and it will help him chill out before bed. He will unscrew the lid from the roller bottle, take a big whiff, and smile. You’ll see his shoulders relax, and he will let out a big sigh. He will tell you his eyes just turned into cartoon hearts!!

If You Give a Kid an Oil, she won’t call you a hippie or google the side effects. She will smell them and love them and ask you how to use them. She will ask you what oil helps with Every. Single. Thing. She will make her own rollers and lotions and blends and potions. She will insist that you buy every oil and product doTERRA offers. She will leave tiny bottles in her pockets and you will learn to look very carefully before you throw her clothes in the washer. She will join you at oil classes and install the app on her phone. She will be your oily sidekick, and you will be so excited to share this path to wellness with her!!

If You Give a Kid an Oil, he will come to you one day bent over and holding his tummy. You will be positive some bad, messy, gross thing is about to happen. You will tell him that you just got an oil called Digestzen, and ask him if he would like to try it. (You doubt it will help, but what can it hurt?) He will look up at you with an “I’ll try anything!” face. You will draw roller bottle circles on his belly and feel his forehead. The next thing you know, he will be running around in a cape, back to his superhero self, and you will thank your lucky stars!!

If You Give a Kid an Oil, she will ask if she can share with friends, and you will be amazed at just how quickly she learns which oils will help. You will send texts and facebook messages to parents to ask if they are open to trying oils, and explain that their daughter is dying for some OnGuard. You will make up samples and hand baggies to Moms in the school pick-up line and in the waiting room at the dance studio. You will run out of clove because everyone in 7th grade is getting braces. You will be positive that that someone will think you’re a drug dealer. When the Moms say, “You know, you’re going to think I’m crazy, but those oils really work!!”, you’ll smile and nod and say, “Isn’t it the most amazing thing!?”

If You Give a Kid an Oil, he will want to start using oils right that second. You will tell him that you can add a few drops to his bath water and his skin will soak it all up!! He will beg to hop in the tub so he can try it out, and you will let him smell some blends. He will fall in love with Balance, and you will do your happy dance because he chose the Grounding Blend. From now on, Tub Time shall be known as a Balance Bath!!

If You Give a Kid an Oil, she will ask for a diffuser for her bedroom. You will find one with a purple bottom to match her bedding, and make sure it lights up. She will mix Passion + Console and your whole second floor will smell like Patchouli, which is not your favorite. You will start to complain but she will tell you how relaxed and happy and rested she feels, and you will just smile. She will diffuse Deep Blue after a long night of dance, and Breathe when she’s stuffy. When your oils are missing, you will start looking in her room!!

If You Give a Kid an Oil, he will dig through your oil box and ask you what an oil is for. You will tell him all about Sandalwood, and let him smell the bottle. He will tell you he loves it and ask to diffuse it with Lavender at bedtime. You will wonder how, out of all of those brightly colored stickers, he chose a beige bottle, and you will remember someone saying kids just naturally choose the oils they need. He will be excited about his blend, and ask you to share it with your friends on facebook!!

If You Give a Kid an Oil, she will grow up with natural alternatives. She will not remember the days when she had to wait downstairs while you cleaned the bathroom because it didn’t have “proper ventilation.” She will not endure years of headaches from artificial scents in detergents and candles and perfumes. She will not run to the pharmacy for every scrape, sniffle, and season change. She will not leave her mark on the environment with aerosol hairsprays and harsh cleaning products. She will not have to wish she had found oils sooner. In fact, your kids may never even know the essential differences you made in their world, but you will know, because every time you look at them, your eyes will turn into cartoon hearts!!

~ Heidi is a mom, lawyer, and doTERRA lover. She started Essential Oil Boost to help her friends & family learn more about using their essential oils, and accidentally started a wellness lifestyle along the way. Would you like more information? Subscribe & Comment Below, or send me a message! ~

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