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If You Give a Mom an Oil...

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What Happens If You Give a Mom an Oil??

If you give a Mom an Oil, she will wonder what’s so Essential about it? Then she’ll say to herself, “well, I’ve heard Lavender is soothing, and the kids are pretty rowdy at bedtime…” And she will grab that roller right out of your hand!!

If you give a Mom an Oil, she will try it out that very night. With half-wet kids running around in hooded towels with spiky, soaked hair, she will roll it on little feet & touch it to tiny noses. She will think “what the heck!?” And roll a dab behind her ears & on her wrists. All of a sudden, the kids get snuggly and sleepy. She will notice that a certain little someone actually slept through the night, & that never happens!! She will call you the next day and ask for more!!

Ahhhh..... Lavender!

If you give a Mom an Oil, she will ask “what else do you have!? I’m awfully stuffy in the mornings, and my husband could use some focus at work.” And you will tell her about TriEase, and let her smell the heavenly combo of Peppermint and Wild Orange!

If you give a Mom an Oil, her husband will say “what now!?” when she shows him her new goodies. He will call her a witch doctor and assume it’s just the newest thing until he cuts himself shaving and she says, “my friends say this essential oil really helps,” and it does. All of a sudden, she can’t find the Deep Blue because it is on his nightstand. And, guess who can’t travel without OnGuard Toothpaste and Softgels and Beadlets!?

If you give a Mom an Oil, she will want to know how to make roller bottles, blends, hand sanitizer, and sprays. She will find books and Apps and Pinterest and Facebook pages. She will start noticing chemicals in her old standbys, and realize that she can make her own shower spray and toilet cleaner. She’ll save money & not have to worry about what those tiny noses are breathing in!! She will want to get together to DIY dishwasher tabs and bars of soap!!

If you give a Mom an Oil, she will ask where you buy your diffusers, and how many you have. You’ll tell her your favorites, and that you have, well, 6 diffusers… because they’re in the kitchen, the master bedroom, and then the kids each wanted one in their bedroom! She will look at you like you’re crazy, and then order just one. She will call you two months later and admit that now she has 5 diffusers of her own!!

If you give a Mom an Oil, she will say “oh wow!” when you tell her she can put doTERRA Lemon essential oil in her water. She will buy a glass bottle at Target, & kiss that bag of shriveled-up lemons goodbye! She will add Peppermint oil to her coffee and Grapefruit oil to her smoothies. She will mix Wild Orange and Lime, and actually enjoy water for the first time in her life!! She will carry oils in her purse and hope the restaurant doesn’t serve water in plastic cups!!

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If you give a Mom an Oil, she will ask to take a few of your Wild Orange Chocolate Covered Pretzels home to her hubby. You will tell her to take them all & wonder if he will even get to taste one!? She will add Lemon oil to her icing, and Peppermint oil to her brownies. Her kids will ask for Wild Orange in their yogurt and she will catch them dipping fruit in it. Fruit!! She will make the best Apple Cinnamon muffins. She will tell herself she is the doTERRA Betty Crocker!!

If you give a Mom an Oil, you can tell her that you started dipping a toothpick into Basil oil, putting it in your tomato salad, & everyone loves it! She will start to wonder what else she can cook with? She will put Oregano in her pasta sauce and ginger in her stir fry. She will make Lemon Basil salad dressing and Dill Coleslaw. Her chili will have the best flavor, all from a drop of Cumin Oil. She will consider quitting her job & starting an Essential Oil Food Truck!!

If you give a Mom an Oil, she will find her tribe. She will share blends and recipes, antidotes and anecdotes. She will go to oil classes, have coffee with oily friends, and meet lots of new people. She will laugh and cry and say corny things like “I have an Oil for that!” She will be so proud when her child asks for an oil to give to a friend. She will step out of her comfort zone, and say, “I have something that might help you. Would you like to try some lavender?” — to a whole new mom, who is wondering what is so Essential about it.

~ Heidi is a mom, lawyer, doTERRA lover, and now, a blogger. She started Essential Oil Boost to help her friends & family learn more about using their essential oils. Would you like more information? Subscribe & Comment Below, or send us a message! ~